Archive Island – An upcoming television series about the future...... Looking at the 20th century through the eyes of the future!


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Dean Ozen

Brittany Kay

The Class of 2360 (Play File) The Class of 2361 (Play File)
"This concept caught my attention right away. Archivillia will appeal to a wide range of audiences, really anyone that likes music." "Instead of Aliens and life on other planets, Archivillia tells the story of people just like us. I hope Archivillia goes a long way."
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What Will The Future Really Be Like?

We usually imagine the future as some kind of fantasy. Movies and television shows about the future often focus on technology, with futuristic cars and gadgets, traveling to distant planets, etc. They often have an antiseptic sterile vision, or an apocalyptic view of the future. It's easy to forget that the future really is going to come. There really will be a graduating class of 2361!

It's extremely difficult to predict what the future will be like. We're not really trying to do that. We've come up with a scenario that is somewhat believable. However, Archivillia is not about the future. It's about looking at the 20th century through a different lens.

We've prepared two valedictorian speeches from the future, one from the class of 2360 and the other from the class of 2361. Listen to them and let your imagination take you to Archivillia. Try to believe that what you hear is real. What will a valedictorian speech from the future really be like? What celebrities from the 20th century do you think will be quoted by class valedictorians in the future?

To learn more about Archivillia, read the scenario. For a humorous look into the future, checkout our comics. Teachers, we’ve prepared a quick list of questions you can ask your students after they visit Archivillia! Don’t forget to check out the pilot episode of our audio drama, titled ‘The Bells of History'.

Archivillia is pronounced ‘ark-uh-vill-ee-uh’


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